Our History

Our history

Since there have always been held sports and social events at the Festplatz a people's demand for a restaurant grew. The regional council granted the construction of a restaurant, which Edwin Bürger opened up on August the 1st in 1921. 1934 until 1946 Max Philipp operated the restaurant. In 1958 the structure was extended. The town council rented the restaurant out to Erich Gericke from 1966 until 1972. The festival hall was redesigned by members of the rabbit breeding and poultry breeding club with support from the construction company "PGH Bau Rödertal", the town council and the fire department. From 1963 until 1966 walls were erected and until 1969 indoor construction had been finished. The official opening was in Oktober 1969. From then on big events could have been held with service provided by the restaurant.

Because of the many sports events new restrooms had to be built in 1974/75.

From January 1973 until Dezember 1992 Werner Johne operated the restaurant. Since the family had to take a break for a couple of years for health reasons, Mr. Henriceck continued that restaurant in 1993 for one year. After that family Johne operated the reastaurant again until 1998.

Because of a big fire in the festival hall on Juli the 21st in 1996 the Festplatzgaststätte has got damaged a lot. The service in the restaurants was limited.

on September 8th in 1997 the renovated restaurant opened back up. On September the 1st in 1999 son Heiko Johne took on the Festplatzgaststätte.

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